Project Overview

Rebecca Rosen - Peaceful Media web design & marketing service project


Rebecca Rosen


Strategize, design, develop, and launch a new online spiritual community and membership site in time for Rebecca's TV show "The Last Goodbye" (Lifetime).

Project Detail

We gotta be ‘Oprah-ready’.

Every Author In The World

Ok, maybe with the exception of J.D. Salinger, this was indeed what every author in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s was saying during the heyday of The Oprah Winfrey Show. For those not initiated to the author’s world (where making any real income from royalties is for the most part just a dream), Oprah-ready translates to “offering a product — or something beyond the $20 book — ready to go on your website before Oprah makes you a household name.”

Rebecca Rosen and her awesome COO, Jacqueline Sene, approached Peaceful Media five weeks before their “Oprah-esque” opportunity — a TV show on Lifetime that focused exclusively on Rebecca’s profound gift of spiritual mediumship.

They knew they wanted to start a membership site that allowed Rebecca’s 20k+ subscribers greater access to her meditations, channeling sessions, spiritual tools, and insights. What they didn’t know was how to build it, market it, and sell it.

Enter Peaceful Media! Our good friends at Ontraport (which is a business automation system and CRM that offers a fully integrated WordPress membership site plugin called PilotPress) referred Jacqueline to Peaceful Media. Within one call we had mapped out the entire process for building and deploying a custom members-only experience called Rebecca Rosen’s Inner Circle.

To keep within the tight timeline, we mapped out every deliverable and every marketing asset in a flowchart, plus determined whom was responsible for each piece. Jacqueline is extremely hands on, so she was instrumental. We helped her see how Ontraport could really automate the entire process:

  1. Facebook ads and email promotions drive traffic to lead magnet
  2. Landing page offers opt-in for Lead Magnet (beautifully branded ebook)
  3. Lead Magnet softly offers Inner Circle as the “if you liked this, you’ll probably love this”
  4. Drip autoresponders offer more info about the benefits of Inner Circle, including a video with Rebecca
  5. Percentage of leads take the offer for either Annual or Monthly recurring membership
  6. New customer receives welcome email with login information
  7. If customer’s credit card is ever declined, they get several notices from system asking the customer to update records
  8. If customer does not update credit card, they are removed from membership site
  9. After customer’s membership period has reached certain benchmarks, a printed, nicely designed postcard shows up in his/her mailbox, personalized with the customer’s name, offering a link to surprise bonus materials from Rebecca
  10. Customer can unsubscribe from membership at any time

All of this without Jacqueline or Rebecca or team lifting a finger. This is the power of business automation. (Thanks Ontraport!)

Beyond the marketing/sales sequencing and strategy, the Peaceful team also built a beautiful environment, complete with custom iconography for each of the content categories, member forums, Soundcloud integration for embedded mp3 playback on any device, and easy, visual navigation to the content types that a member might enjoy most.

Rebecca Rosen's Inner Circle Welcome Screen Graphic

Animated Candle’s for Rebecca’s Meditation Toolkit

But the best part, in our humble opinions, are the little things. The little touches that make a virtual environment feel less “online portal” and more “sacred place.”

Example: see what our rad designer/developer dual-craft ninja Crispin Bixler dreamed up for the collapsible Welcome panel that appears when you first log in:

Oprah hasn’t called on Rebecca for Super Soul Sunday just yet, but we have a good feeling that she’s positively ready. From start to finish (one week ahead of schedule thanks to stellar project management from Peaceful’s Cara Miller), the project felt extremely easy (due in no small part to Jacqueline’s rad teamwork) and, ultimately, very successful. Jacqueline’s testimonial below shares similar sentiments.


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Client Feedback

We initially chose Peaceful Media to assist us with a membership website development. We were looking for a company that not only could do the functional part (which included our integration with our system, Ontraport), but that was willing to work with us on a tight time frame and little knowledge of how this works. Within five minutes of my initial call with Jason, I knew this was the company we wanted to work with. Both professional and accommodating, he didn’t laugh when I said five weeks. Through the entire process, the team kept me on task and made sure we met the deadline. They held weekly meeting with me, explained what I didn’t understand and were such a pleasure through the entire process! We made back what we spent to build the membership website within the first two months of operation.Their approach led us to continue to work with Peaceful Media on copywriting, further website development as well as social media consulting. For a small business with only the equivalent of two full-time employees, Peaceful Media has been a lifesaver! I feel like they genuinely want us to succeed and I consider them a part of our team.