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Peaceful Media marketing for what matters sustainability podcast

New Podcast Hosted by Peaceful Media

Marketing for What Matters

Forget profit for a second. What about progress? Join the “Marketing for What Matters” podcast as we explore revolutionary brands proving you can thrive while leaving a positive impact.

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What to Expect

Full transparency: we are not sustainability or regenerative business experts, nor do we pretend to have answers to our planet’s existential problems.

But we care about these issues — deeply. And as a digital marketing agency, we know media and storytelling are tremendously powerful levers to affect change.

With an eye on becoming a certified B-Corp, we launched this podcast to document our own journey to building a better business that does more to care for people and the planet. With a beginner’s mind, we scour the globe for inspiring stories, unveil actionable strategies, and connect our audience with leading minds who are redefining business success.

What You'll Discover

Learn how creative storytelling inspires consumers, how sustainable products gain market share, and how the Triple Bottom Line strategy looks in practice.

Whether you’re a CEO or a citizen yearning for change, we hope these bite-sized episodes will empower you to make choices that matter. It’s time to rethink business, redefine prosperity, and build a future where profit meets purpose. Are you ready to answer the call?

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Who's Involved

Bo-Peter Laanen

Bo-Peter Laanen

Podcast Host, Strategic Lead, SEO Director @ Peaceful Media

Director of SEO and Marketing Strategist at Peaceful Media; Founder at Grow with Bo coaching. I’m all about leveraging the digital space to spotlight companies making a real difference. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for me; it’s the future we need to work towards, one search, one click at a time. I’m here to dive into the hows and whys of business practices that not only aim for the green but go green.


Because the choices we make—from where we clock in, to what we put in our shopping carts—have the power to reshape our world. It’s about making those choices count. I’m on this podcast to unpack the journey towards more sustainable practices, sharing insights and learning along the way. Together we can nudge the needle in the right direction, not aiming for perfection but progress in protecting our planet.

Francesca Rinaldo

Francesca Rinaldo

Podcast Host, Social Media Manager @ Peaceful Media

Lover of compost, loather of paper towels, my journey to and through sustainability has been centered around bringing awareness to the impact of my individual actions, but now is the time to go deeper and explore how we can center collective action. Sustainability to me is about empathy, community, and a collective consciousness and identity we hold as human beings and stewards of this earth. All living things have a right to live out their own self-determination and should not take actions that preclude others from doing so. As a social media manager and copywriter, I am looking to further explore the power our collective voice has through these channels. Because we have all seen the force of change our collective voice can bring.


Sustainability to me is about true empathy. We are all here on this Earth vying for the same resources. We all have hopes and dreams and determinations although ours may looks different from the aspirations of a frog. We all want to feel safe and enough. When I recognize that we as a collective are all here for the same reason, it is so much easier to make decisions with the collective in mind. Sustainability to me is about making decisions that allow for the self-determination of all living things.

Nicole Rinaldo

Nicole Rinaldo

Podcast Producer, Chief People Officer at Peaceful Media

As the Chief People Officer, Project Manager team lead, and producer of Marketing For What Matters, the heart of my work is to seek out and spotlight those who are not just talking about sustainability, but who are pioneering and showcasing that good marketing and good planet stewardship can go hand in hand.

My role in orchestrating this podcast aligns with my vision of integrating a regenerative mindset into our daily lives, which starts with platforming collective action steps and innovations we can all get behind. I believe the power of digital storytelling will help us pave the way for a greener future.


Sustainability, for me, is an exploration and journey back to my ancestral roots, where every practice and tradition was deeply intertwined with the natural world. It’s about learning from the wisdom of generations past, honoring the interconnectedness of all living things and a collective ingrained commitment to environmental stewardship.

It’s a return to community, to acknowledging our place and impact on our ecosystem, and to fostering gratitude for and preservation of Earth’s resources.

Jason Alan Miller

Podcast Host, CEO @ Peaceful Media

Founder of Peaceful Media, author of Project Everlasting, father of two, stream lover, and tree hugger. I’m on a mission to help our planet heal. Why? Because, frankly, our lives and children’s lives depend on it. How? The solutions are already here (see Kiss the Ground or Drawdown). We simply need more awareness, adoption, and accountability. And I know that education, marketing, and digital storytelling can play a massive role in this endeavor. So let’s do it! Let’s do more good with our creative talents.


Sustainability is the imperative acknowledgment that our actions today affect the well-being of generations to come. It embodies the conscientious stewardship of resources, environments, and communities to ensure their viability in the long term.

At its core, sustainability is about recognizing the interconnectedness of all life forms and systems. It means giving voice and consideration to the often overlooked and marginalized: the ecosystems that sustain us, the vulnerable communities affected by our decisions, and the myriad species that share this planet.

Peaceful Media marketing for what matters sustainability podcast

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