The Challenge

The Soil Food Web School originally had a good, but small YouTube presence. Their team believed there was a larger audience on the platform for soil regeneration that they currently could not reach without proper optimization and guidance. Their hopes were to grow their audience and increase awareness about their educational courses.

The Plan

We took the time to give the Soil Food Web School’s entire YouTube channel a facelift through keyword optimization to better reach the audiences they were after, encourage said audience to watch content through optimized thumbnails for higher click-through rates, and continue data reporting to shape the weekly content to keep viewers interested and returning for more.

The Result

In just 7 short months the Soil Food Web School smashed their yearly KPI for subscriber growth and tripled their audience from 10,000 subscribers to 30,000. They also get on average per month 200k views, 20k watch hours, and a regular subscriber growth of 2,000 subs. Besides this, Youtube has generated a fair amount of traffic to their site and in 2022 generated over half a million in direct organic sales.

Subscribers (up from 10k seven months prior)
Watch hours
Regular subscriber growth

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