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Partnered with Brendon Burchard, we co-produced a new way to get your entire sales and marketing machine designed, built, and launched within 12 weeks of guided prep training and 1 week of intense, in-person execution.

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You and the Peaceful team exceeded all expectations. Totally crushed it. You should be very proud of everything you all just accomplished.

BRENDON BURCHARDNY Times Bestselling Author & Speaker

When Brendon Burchard saw how the website we’d designed & built for his thought leadership brand (here’s the project detail) was being received in the marketplace, a light bulb switch went on: this is what my students have been asking me to deliver for the last 7+ years: Implementation of an A-Z marketing system.

For over a year, Brendon, Jason, and the Peaceful team went into the lab to create a remarkable experience for the exclusive group of thought leaders from all over the world. Like every positive product or idea we shape and design here at Peaceful Media, we started with the end in mind: what is the experience we want people to have?

The answer was partially dictated by the price tag associated to the event (it was a significant investment), but mostly we set out with one mission: teach the next wave of Brendon Burchards — the world’s brightest difference makers — how to fish when it comes to monetizing their expertise.

Yes, we delivered tools and a nicely engineered, WordPress platform, but our top priority was to serve the throngs of thought leaders who feel stranded in the great crevasse between Marketing Strategy and Marketing Implementation.

Brendon promoted the opportunity to his list of high-end students, including Experts Academy & his advanced live program called 10x. He also taught solo and alongside Jason Miller at Implementation Week.

It was Peaceful’s job to produce the event, prep and train the students, and leave students feeling like they got insane value despite the high investment.

Here are just a few of the ways we demonstrated our care and passion for branding, quality, and service:

  • Advanced “Accountability” Portal  We built an extremely customized membership site, complete with action step checklists (using Ontraport’s PilotPress integration for WordPress), which guided Elevate Your Brand participants through a step-by-step content curation and training process, so that they could show up for the Implementation Week ready to dive right in and plug in expert content. At any point, users could see their submitted content and a list of what was done vs. outstanding. Machine-led accountability!
  • Full Scale Launch Sales Funnel & eCommerce  We further leveraged our Ontraport sales and marketing system to accept attendee applications (forms + fees), automated follow-up call processing (via online scheduling software), acceptance confirmation –> automatically generate new Accountability Portal member / user processing so that our attendees could log in to the system and start curating that expert content.
  • Custom Programming for User’s Content Output System  After 10 weeks+ of content creation and curation inside our Accountability portal, we needed a way to generate a PDF that contained each user’s content in a copy-and-paste-friendly document so that Implementation Week was used for just that: implementation.
  • 5 Custom Thought Leader WordPress Themes  Through proper branding and design work by the amazing Rae, each theme communicated a different essence so that each thought leader could better match their business to the styles. Each theme was structured like Brendon’s website.
  • Surprise & Delight Welcome Kits  EYB participants showed extreme commitment to their online business and personal development, so we wanted to ensure that they felt welcomed and “seen” by our team. Hence the idea for a surprise Welcome Kit sprung forth, full of tangible Portland, OR-based products we sent in a custom designed, branded box. Everything was intentional: branded teas for calming the stress, delicious artisan chocolates for celebrating the wins, organic lip balm for the trip to sunny SoCal, and much more.
  • Morning Yoga & Green Juice Bar  Trying to implement an entire online marketing system in a year is stressful enough. Now condense all of that into a week? Good lord… that takes some serious mettle. To support our attendees’ wellbeing, we committed to supplying new Manduka yoga mats and bringing in two world-class instructors to help us charge up for the big day ahead. As attendees departed the yoga sanctuary they found a smiling a Peaceful team member offering choices of organic juices and smoothies.
  • Celebration Event & Launch Party  Few people were able to launch their websites by the last day of the event (mostly due to our own technical issues, honestly), but everyone had a killer night at our hosted open-bar, professionally DJ’d dance party and celebration party that night. We concluded the event with a celebration and gratitude tunnel where each participant — including Brendon and each Peaceful team member — got a customized candle and special acknowledgement for whatever that person contributed to the group’s experience. This culminating event has to be one of the raddest moments in the history of Peaceful Media.
  • Product Launch Sales Funnel Implementation Day  This may have been the most overwhelming piece of the week, but people got some world-class, hands-on training and support from two of the premier marketing automation tools on the market for small businesses, Infusionsoft and Ontraport.

I’ve spent over a million dollars on personal and career development programs. This was by far the most impactful and well-produced event I’ve ever attended.

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Sales Generated (millions)

Brendon Burchard highly recommended we work with Peaceful Media to develop a world-class, modern, beautifully branded website… they pulled off a miracle with We are thrilled.

Jeff WalkerFounder of Product Launch Formula

Peaceful Media has been the easiest company I have ever worked with over my many years. Their work is stellar.

James Van PraaghNY Times Bestselling Author

It’s very important to work with a team who is energetically aligned with your mission. That’s why I always refer my high-end clients to the good vibes of Peaceful Media. They are a one-stop shop for getting my message out to the world... the results have been amazing.

Sonia ChoquetteNY Times Bestselling Author

689% ROI -- absolutely outstanding results! Thank you for your care, passion and attention to detail that went into these campaigns. We are thrilled with the outcome!

Holly HorneCOO, The WakeUp Project

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