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In just 10 days, start to finish, we rebranded, designed, and launched the online home of Product Launch Formula legend, Jeff Walker, so that he was ready for prime time before his NY Times bestselling book launch of… well, Launch.

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Brendon Burchard told me I absolutely HAD to work with Peaceful Media. Given what I thought was an impossible time constraint, I went in with very limited expectations. What I received was just the opposite... Peaceful Media pulled off a miracle with, and I'm incredibly grateful.

JEFF WALKERFounder of Product Launch Formula

This fresh, memorable, and effective list-building website took the Internet Marketing community by storm when we launched it in August 2014 — just ten days prior to the official release of Jeff’s bestselling book Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams.

Jeff and his team came to Peaceful Media (via Brendon Burchard) with a very clear goal: make Jeff look the super-pro that he is on his primary content marketing platform, especially on mobile devices which account for over 50-70% of site traffic. was already chock-full of rich teaching videos and blogs, but it was wrapped in a pretty tired looking WordPress theme that did not respond well on mobile devices. (See if your website passes Google’s mobile-ready test.)

Our creative director, Rae Senarighi, took Jeff through our famous “Mood Boards” branding process to collaboratively discover the brand’s unique design elements and aesthetic nuances. Very few online business owners have time or resources to do month’s worth of corporate-level branding work, but everybody wants to (and needs to) communicate their business’s unique flavor. Our Mood Board Process is the perfect solution.

For a marketing guru whose formula has helped students generate over $500 million in sales, we couldn’t have an opt-in freebie / lead magnet that looked like a cheapo from Fivrr. It would tarnish credibility and reputation, critical sales drivers. So, Rae also gave Jeff’s “16 Rules of Internet Success” a beautiful facelift so that prospects opting in on his site would know without a doubt that he’s the real deal.

Within ten crazy days of little rest and much collaboration with Jeff and his awesome team, we launched the new WordPress site & child theme (based on an awesome theme called Salient). In the 15+ years we’ve been doing this, this project is still one of our proudest achievements!

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Brendon Burchard highly recommended we work with Peaceful Media to develop a world-class, modern, beautifully branded website… they pulled off a miracle with We are thrilled.

Jeff WalkerFounder of Product Launch Formula

Peaceful Media has been the easiest company I have ever worked with over my many years. Their work is stellar.

James Van PraaghNY Times Bestselling Author

It’s very important to work with a team who is energetically aligned with your mission. That’s why I always refer my high-end clients to the good vibes of Peaceful Media. They are a one-stop shop for getting my message out to the world... the results have been amazing.

Sonia ChoquetteNY Times Bestselling Author

689% ROI -- absolutely outstanding results! Thank you for your care, passion and attention to detail that went into these campaigns. We are thrilled with the outcome!

Holly HorneCOO, The WakeUp Project

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