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Get Codi’s Guide to Hiring Your Perfect VA (Free!)

Have you thought about hiring a virtual assistant (or VA for short) but don’t know where to begin? You’re in luck because JAM at Peaceful Media interviewed Codi Quick, founder of QuickBusinessResolutions.com: a virtual assistant agency for small business owners.

Most business owners find themselves drowning in a sea of tasks and projects without any help. If you find yourself in this situation, consider teaming up with a virtual assistant. Whether you’re a newbie getting started online or an established business owner, a virtual assistant can bring many benefits to your business and personal life.

A virtual assistant is a person who can support you with any task in your business.

The magical parts about this person is they work remote and specialize in your area of need. Virtual assistants specialize in graphic design, administration tasks, social media implementation and many other personalized tasks. They can even help with product launches and online campaigns!

While you’re capable of completing all tasks in your business, you need to ask yourself, “What’s my time worth?” As a business owner, you know your business better than anyone else and you need to focus most of your time in your zone of genius and on the tasks that make your business profitable. When you have tasks you’re not good at, you should outsource those tasks to a virtual assistant. By doing this, you’ll get more time to grow your business and free time to spend with your family. The return on investment is worth it.

The key to working with a successful virtual assistant is hiring the best person for your business. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before. Codi put together a free cheat sheet for you to hire the perfect virtual assistant. There are many places to source virtual assistants such as UpWork, Fiverr or VA agencies like Quick Business Resolutions. No matter where you find your VA, it’s critical that you hold an interview with candidates before you hire them. You’re looking for a long-term relationship with your VA so make sure to ask lots of questions. Codi’s cheat sheet lists 8 questions you must ask during the interview.

Finding the perfect VA is like dating. This is a relationship and there will be ups and downs.

To avoid a poor hiring decision, research as much as possible beforehand. Communicate your boundaries and set expectations in advance with your VA. In most cases, business owners fear VAs who disappear. Make sure your VA has a positive track record of delivering tasks and completing projects consistently over a long period of time.

VAs rates vary depending on skills, expertise and competencies. VA rates typically begin at $25/hr and they can charge as much as $95/hr. At agencies like Quick Business Resolutions, clients work with a VA on a retainer basis and have a specific number of hours they can work with their VA. Having a retainer with your VA shows commitment as a business owner.

You’re never going to reach new heights in your business without support. When you’re stressed, customers and clients notice and it affects the quality of your work. Alternatively, your business flourishes when you’re supported and guided by a talented virtual assistant. We believe you’ll “Love More, Play More, and Do More Good” when you have the perfect teammate to support your business in the long-term.