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Brendon Burchard


Design and develop a world-class content marketing platform for one of the Thought Leader / Expert industry's brightest stars.

Project Detail

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Charles Caleb Colton

If that’s the case, consider us thoroughly flattered. ūüôā

When we launched a completely re-imagined website in 2014, we had no idea it would cause such a stir in the Thought Leader community. We were immediately flooded with requests to sell the WordPress theme that we’d designed with and for Brendon. (This was¬†the impetus for our co-produced “Implementation Week” called¬†Elevate Your Brand.) Many others simply went out and (tried to) design their own copies.

The original impetus for Brendon was to achieve optimal mobile-friendliness. With the skyrocketing growth¬†of site visitors coming from mobile devices, he knew that it was time to rebuild what was originally an all tables HTML¬†website. Because Brendon is constantly “in the code” of his marketing systems and pages, it was critical that he retained accessibility. WordPress was the obvious choice. Highly intuitive, drag-and-drop page creation, and ultimate flexibility to shape around Brendon’s massive vision.

Since then, we’ve completely recoded and lightly redesigned Brendon’s WordPress theme for its transition to the new, slick domain: We continue adding layers of sophisticated tools that help Brendon and his team quickly deploy his YouTube and podcast show,¬†The Charged Life.¬†

Brendon’s blog was originally hosted on Tumblr, but the features we wanted to build were virtually impossible with the relative inflexibility of Tumblr’s platform. Today we are able to leverage what WordPress does better than any other content management system on the planet — blogging — and continually optimize the user experience.

You’ll notice several “LGM” (lead generation magnet) tools built into the backend of this WordPress. These make it easy to create, deploy, and distribute global¬†and/or page specific opt-in CTAs. We’ve also implemented a stunning promo video from Travis Shields of Shields Films in the home page masthead, which sets the stage¬†beautifully for what Brendon is all about.

Brendon Burchard is one of the world’s best content creators and most inspirational leaders in the personal development industry. We’re extremely proud to play a small part in his message proliferation. And we’re grateful that our work with Brendon has allowed us beautiful opportunities to work with Jeff Walker, Rebecca Rosen, Joe Polish, and so many other positive experts!

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Client Feedback

Jason and his genius team at Peaceful Media are brilliant at both design & site architecture!

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