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Episode Summary

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Marketing for What Matters! Join hosts Nicole Rinaldo, Jason Miller, Fran Rinaldo, and Bo-Peter Lannen as they embark on an exciting journey to explore the intersection of marketing, sustainability, and social impact. This episode introduces the podcast’s mission and the hosts’ backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective on how businesses can drive positive change. The team discusses their motivations, the importance of digital storytelling, and the guests they’re excited to interview.

They highlight the role of One Tree Planted, a nonprofit partner, in their initiative to plant trees for each episode, emphasizing their commitment to proactive environmental efforts. This episode sets the stage for insightful conversations with leaders in sustainability and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • Podcast Mission: “Marketing for What Matters” aims to explore how marketing can drive sustainability and social impact, learning from experts and sharing insights with listeners.
  • Host Introductions: Meet Nicole, Jason, Fran, and Bo-Peter, each bringing unique experiences and motivations to the podcast.
    Importance of Storytelling: Digital storytelling is a powerful tool for igniting change, inspiring people, and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Upcoming Guests: Exciting interviews lined up with filmmakers, sustainable copywriters, business leaders, and more, all sharing their expertise in sustainability.
  • One Tree Planted Partnership: For each episode, the podcast sponsors tree planting through One Tree Planted, allowing guests to choose where the trees will be planted and why it matters to them.
  • Engaging Diverse Voices: The podcast aims to highlight often overlooked voices in the sustainability space, exploring their contributions and perspectives.

Action Items

  1. Stay Tuned: Subscribe to “Marketing for What Matters” for insightful episodes on sustainability and marketing.
  2. Engage with Us: If you have feedback, suggestions, or want to recommend a guest, email us at [email protected].
  3. Support Sustainability: Learn more about One Tree Planted and consider how you can contribute to environmental efforts in your community.
  4. Share the Podcast: Help us spread the word about “Marketing for What Matters” by sharing this episode with friends and colleagues.

View Transcript

Nicole (00:00.974)
Hello, hello, guys. We’re here on our very first episode of Marketing for What Matters. Nicole here. I’m so excited that we’re finally kickstarting this journey we’ve been talking about for a long time. So, yeah, I mean, a lot of people listening probably don’t even know why we’re here. So let’s take some time to just discuss what are we doing here and what are we trying to accomplish? Jason, do you want to kick us off?

Peaceful JAM (00:25.656)
Yeah, yeah, I’d love to. I don’t know. I feel like I’m just meeting you guys for the first time. I’d love to hear who each of you are too. I’m Jason. I am one of the founders of of Peaceful Media and I feel like we really set out on this podcast journey to learn how we can stand behind our mission, which is to love more, play more and do more good, especially the last part. How do we do more good as a for profit business?

in a world that needs, needs everybody lifting a more sustainable, more regenerative initiative to help our climate heal or help our planet heal, help societies find their way to sustainable jobs, equal pay, et cetera, et cetera. Like there’s so many issues that we feel like we need to be a part of solving. And so marketing for what matters is like we’re a marketing agency.

And we just want to, we want to understand from people all over the world who are leading in sustainable regenerative initiatives, how they’re doing it. And this isn’t coming from a place of, of expertise. We are not certainly not the experts at marketing or Peaceful Media. But we want to go on a journey and we want you, the listener to be a part of that journey as we stumble through things and we discover things and we hear insights from, from these fabulous guests.

So yeah, I’ll hand it off to Fran.

Francesca Rinaldo (01:57.6)
Thanks, Jason. My name’s Fran. I work on the social media team here at Peaceful Media, but I have had a long journey with sustainability. I think I first, you know, began to be curious about things like that when I was a teenager and I learned about compost. And then for anyone who knows about compost, you know, just opens up a cornucopia of information. But…

I was really excited when Jason approached me about this podcast and what he was hoping to do because I felt like, I think in the past, my exploration through sustainability has sort of felt like it’s been in opposition to the institutions that structure our society. And I think, you know, now that I’m older, I recognize that we can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We have to work with what we have right now.

we can make enormous change with what we have right now. And I think that often people become overwhelmed by the state of things and feel stagnant or feel like they can’t possibly make a difference or can’t possibly take action. And so I really hope that through this podcast efforts, we can find out about how even the tiniest steps that we can take are just the smallest shift in mindset that we can have that can hopefully continue to spur this change. And…

and to also recognize that we can make really impactful change in a business or in a for -profit setting. So I’m just super excited to have those conversations and continue to explore that. And so I’ll pass it on to you, Bo, to hear what you have to say as well.

Bo-Peter @ Peaceful Media (03:43.327)
Awesome. Thanks, Fran. My name is Beau. I am the director of SEO and one of the lead strategists here at Peaceful Media. And while we are experts in marketing, we certainly are not experts in sustainability and regenerative agriculture and all these amazing topics that fall under the topic of sustainability. But that’s exactly why we’re here on this podcast, from my perspective, to learn from the leaders in both the business and nonprofit world and anything in between on how we can do this better, how we can deliver the message.

of sustainability to different audiences and do that in a way that is authentic, that really connects with those audiences and also does that in a genuine way that highlights where we’re at as a business. For example, as Peaceful Media, we’re just starting on this journey. We have a lot to learn. We know that. And we’re doing a lot of things that are exciting in terms of making our impact even bigger when it comes to sustainability, as well as healing this planet little by little. For me, what…

initially got my interest in this whole world is from a probably totally different corner, which is civil unrest caused by environmental impacts. So that is all happens all over the world. And I won’t get into details right now, but it’s certainly happening. And that has got me to start being very interested in what we can do, not just on an individual level, but all the way up into society and global level in terms of.

leaving the world in a slightly bitter place. On a personal level, I’m doing this because it really aligns with my values, my purpose, and everything that really matters to me. And I’m really excited to have these conversations with people who have been working in the sustainability space longer than we have, and to go on this journey of learning as well as implementing and hopefully making some impact along the way, whether that’s for you, the listener, who’s listening, or for the companies we get to work with along this journey.

Peaceful JAM (05:41.88)
It’s beautiful. Love the vibe of this.

Nicole (05:42.478)

Love it. Me too. And I didn’t fully intro myself at the beginning. So I’m Nicole. I’m the chief people officer here at Peaceful Media. And I also am the lead project manager. And so for this podcast, I’m going to be more in a producer role, which I’m super excited about it because I get to support our three wonderful hosts in starting this mission together. And I think what I’m most excited about piggybacking on kind of what everybody else said is I’ve

I’ve always believed that digital storytelling really, really can be so impactful and not only igniting change, inspiring people and getting people motivated, but it’s just such an amazing catalyst for learning and growing and exploring these things that we’re all so curious and passionate about. But like all my other wonderful hosts said, like we don’t even know where to start. So I’m super excited to…

kind of help facilitate this, help shepherd this along. And yeah. And to that point, actually, we already have some amazing guests lined up that have been doing super incredible, impactful stuff in our country and worldwide, actually. So Jason, why don’t you tee up some of the interesting guests that we have coming down the pipe.

Peaceful JAM (06:49.528)

Peaceful JAM (07:08.952)
Yeah, I’ve been really enjoying some conversations with fellow producers and storytellers who have equal interest in the space and really want all of their career pursuit and passion to help heal the planet and communities. And so far I’ve interviewed a filmmaking duo out of Hawaii that works with a lot of…

non -profits and sustainable entities out there in Hawaii. So fabulous look at how they think about filmmaking and storytelling in general. I’ve had a conversation with a sustainable copywriter, Kelsey. Just fabulous conversation for anybody who’s in the B2B space to discuss what’s needed to get your stories out there and create a bigger impact.

And I’m really excited about an upcoming conversation I have with one of our clients, John Matone, who towards the end of Steve Jobs life had an opportunity to help help Steve think about his his life and expose some things within his heart that that he needed to be an even more impactful leader within Apple. So, you know, and that sort of touches on he’s not going to be talking about like,

sustainable building materials per se, or how businesses can improve the planet directly, but more on the note of how can leaders who have a passion and a value system that isn’t matching and aligned with what their corporation is doing, connect those two dots? And that’s, you know.

deeply personally interesting to me is how do we lead change within companies and beyond, within political systems. So his expertise as a transformational, intelligent leader who thinks a lot about character is something I think is an interesting perspective or lens on how businesses and how we can all lead in the sustainability movement.

Nicole (09:27.758)
I love it.

Peaceful JAM (09:27.896)
So yeah, super excited about that. I think you have some upcoming interviews too that are pretty exciting. and then Fran too, the 3D Enviro.

Francesca Rinaldo (09:31.392)

Bo-Peter @ Peaceful Media (09:39.743)

Bo-Peter @ Peaceful Media (09:43.839)
I think we all have some pretty exciting interviews and conversations coming up. I will be speaking with other podcasters who have been working in this, have been reporting on sustainability, perhaps in other facets a little bit longer. And I’ll be speaking with individuals working at sustainability companies in the renewable sector. And there’ll be showcasing some really interesting insights on what it takes to build community, how to…

work with advocacy groups to influence corporate behavior and how all of this will ladder up into actually creating some of that inertia that we need to get the bigger corporate world involved with sustainability because at the end of the day, they make up a huge chunk of our economy and we need them to be on board to make those environmental impacts that we’re gonna be talking about throughout this podcast. Fran, do you wanna go and talk a little bit about your upcoming interviews?

Francesca Rinaldo (10:41.184)
Yes, sure. Yeah, I think, you know.

say this.

Nicole (10:48.046)

Francesca Rinaldo (10:53.376)
Yeah, absolutely. So something else as part of this podcast that I want to explore is who whose voice is maybe often left out of the sustainability space or who is an actor or, you know, constituent that is doing a lot of work, but maybe isn’t being put a center stage. And so my first podcast interview that I’m really excited about is with a small women owned business in Mercury remediation, who’s one of our clients. I won’t.

you know, Jam, you already dropped their name 3D and virus, so go check them out. But I’m really excited, you know, just in our, in conversations with the owner and discussing her journey through this work, there’s been some incredible insights about how her identity as a woman and as a mother has profoundly shaped her business practices and how that’s now created this environment where…

She has people who’s been working with her for 10 years in mercury remediation, which is like a terrible, difficult, arduous job, but because she’s created this environment that’s of care and consideration and, you know, true community. And I think that a lot of sustainability efforts are centered around seeking this or, you know, recognize that.

that if people don’t care, they’re not gonna do anything. And so how do we get people to care? We make them feel like it affects their life. Like it’s about their community. It’s about the people that they love too being affected. And so I’m really excited to just explore how different perspectives and shape our business practices in these really implicit ways that can have huge effects, but that we’re maybe not.

discussing right now or that, you know, feel like this intangible thing that’s difficult to identify. So yeah, and who knows what else we’ll, I don’t know, cut that part out.

Peaceful JAM (12:57.176)

Francesca Rinaldo (12:59.008)

Peaceful JAM (13:02.68)
Yeah, maybe I could wrap around. Go ahead, Beau.

Francesca Rinaldo (13:03.36)
I’m happy.

Bo-Peter @ Peaceful Media (13:06.975)
Sure, I mean, I was just, thanks Fran for sharing what you’re excited about for what’s coming with the podcast. I think that really ties in nicely with something that we’ve been hearing a lot from the people we’ve been speaking to so far about sustainability is that eventually the message that we’re sending out as marketers has to be one that inspires people to action and doesn’t sit in the doom and gloom too much. And part of telling an authentic story about inspiration is actually sitting a little bit with.

Peaceful JAM (13:29.912)

Bo-Peter @ Peaceful Media (13:35.967)
what has happened, why are some voices not being heard, what’s being done to let those voices be heard, and whatever way that takes shape. And then showing that journey and how anybody could step into those shoes and take that action to make that impact, I think is gonna be super powerful and I really hope that we get an opportunity to do a lot of those stories. Something I did wanna highlight though is yet another conversation we have coming up. Jason, you spoke with…

One Tree Planted, this is a partnership that’s gonna be super integral to what we’re doing here at Marketing for What Matters. So Jason, I’m gonna turn to you, tell us a little bit about One Tree Planted and how we’re gonna be working with them.

Peaceful JAM (14:12.728)

Peaceful JAM (14:18.616)
Perfect. I was gonna come back around to that one. Yeah, so most big podcasts you hear of have sponsors and are slinging AG1 and so forth. And we’ll gladly take those sponsors as well, of course, but we’re not a big podcast yet. And so instead we’re doing the reverse. And this is part of the regenerative mindset, right? Is instead of just kind of keeping things as is or trying to decarbonize, we’re trying to…

Nicole (14:32.75)

Peaceful JAM (14:47.288)
proactively make this make this world better. So One Tree Planted is a non -profit organization that makes it seamless and easy for institutions and people to plant trees in by whatever measure of impact matters to them most. So if you if you’ve kind of read headlines, you know, planting trees by itself isn’t really going to solve all the world’s climate problems.

It’s making sure that the communities in which they are planted aren’t incentivized to go and just chop them back down once they’re big enough in order to survive. Right. So this, this company and this nonprofit one tree planted is thought deeply about how to create sustainable tree planting across the world and help the communities that matter most and need this the most. So.

For every episode, we’re asking our guests to pick by impact or region where they’d like to plant a bunch of trees with us. So instead of being sponsored, we’re sponsoring trees here at Marketing for What Matters. And we’re super excited. We did have a great conversation with Hannah Ewing, who does the partnerships over there at One Tree Planted. And I’m really excited. There was a…

Nicole (15:59.054)

Peaceful JAM (16:09.624)
there’s a through line in there and there’s a through line in a lot of my conversations so far that I would just want to surface real quickly. And that is if you’re in the marketing profession, I try to surface why these people are, how these people got into sort of companies and institutions that are so focused on uplifting humanity and healing the planet. So if you’re stuck in a,

job that’s just lifeless and doesn’t have alignment with your deeper purpose in life, then I think you’re going to find some interesting themes and how they decided to go all in with their sense of purpose, with their careers. So I’m really excited the Hannah’s conversation in particular, we had a few questions on that.

Nicole (17:01.102)
That’s amazing.

Francesca Rinaldo (17:01.856)
That sounds so amazing, Jam.

Peaceful JAM (17:04.088)
Yeah, I’m really, really excited about it.

Francesca Rinaldo (17:05.568)
I didn’t realize that our guests get to pick their own tree as well.

Peaceful JAM (17:13.336)
well, now you know, yes, we share the screen and we go over to One Tree Planted and we have them select where they’d like to plant the trees and explain a little bit about why, why that matters. And I think if nothing else, it’s a neat little way for everybody to get introduced to each of those ecological systems or community systems that matter.

Francesca Rinaldo (17:39.392)
Yeah. Yes, because we don’t want to be going around planning a bunch of Bradford pears, right?

Nicole (17:48.302)
God forbid.

Francesca Rinaldo (17:49.44)
You guys know about the blight, or I guess, of Bradford pears? All of the… No? Maybe it’s just an East Coast thing. It’s this community, or it’s this landscaping tree that’s been used in a ton of community parks, but it’s terrible for the ecosystem. It smells terrible. It obviously hurts my eye. Yeah, apparently, I won’t say it, but apparently it has a…

Peaceful JAM (17:55.56)
No, no.

Nicole (18:13.71)
Isn’t it like, noxious?

Francesca Rinaldo (18:19.264)
quite a mature smell. But anyway, you know, that just reminded me because I’ve seen a bunch of, you know, city planners sort of bemoaning how we’ve gotten lost people trying to, you know, landscape and make things beautiful and their solution is we’re just going to plant Bradford pears everywhere.

Peaceful JAM (18:28.952)
Thanks man.

Peaceful JAM (18:39.608)
Right. And if your headline to your stakeholders is, Hey, we planted a million trees, but they really made very little impact in the communities or just smelled the whole place up then. let’s. Yeah.

Nicole (18:52.878)

Francesca Rinaldo (18:52.928)

Yeah, exactly. There are a million trees of one genus that’s competing with the existing local ecosystem.

Peaceful JAM (19:01.624)
Non -native, you know. Yeah, exactly. So, yeah. Bo, anything else you wanted to know about One Tree Planted? I think that’s the main point there.

Francesca Rinaldo (19:04.8)

Bo-Peter @ Peaceful Media (19:17.791)
No, I don’t think I have any other questions there right now. I think that it’s a great initiative that we are able to offer that to our podcast guests. But more importantly, the work that they’re doing at One Tree Planted, that this is also going to be economically stimulating the areas where those trees are going to get planted because they’re working with local partners there who are focused on that. That really speaks to, again, putting people over profits. And that’s something that I really am excited about. Yeah. Yeah.

Peaceful JAM (19:44.088)
Well said.

Bo-Peter @ Peaceful Media (19:46.967)
Go ahead, Jason.

Peaceful JAM (19:47.)

Peaceful JAM (19:50.84)
no, Nicole, I think this is a nice little introduction to what we’re doing here at marketing for what matters. Anything else you want to leave our listeners with their tongues?

Nicole (20:02.79)
No, just we’re super excited to get started. And, you know, I don’t think we have a regular filming schedule yet, but we will be like dropping episodes on YouTube and on all of the various podcast platforms that you can think of. And yeah, if.

Francesca Rinaldo (20:20.864)
Well, just four.

Nicole (20:24.014)
or just the four, I guess I should, I guess I should re -say that. Okay, let me re -say that, because that’s important. So yeah, we’re just super excited to get started and we’re going to be periodically launching episodes and we’ll have those up on YouTube and then we’ll also have those up on the big four podcast platforms. And if you’re listening to this and feeling inspired and if maybe you wanna recommend a host or a guest,

Francesca Rinaldo (20:25.632)
Google Spotify and Pandora.

Nicole (20:52.91)
If you want to recommend a guest or if you just have any feedback for us, please shoot us a line. You can get in touch with us at podcast at peacefulmedia .com. We’d love to hear from you. And yeah, just excited.

Peaceful JAM (21:06.04)
Are you already suggesting that we replace a host, Nicole?

Nicole (21:10.286)
No, that was just a little, little word flub.

Peaceful JAM (21:11.96)
We’ve watched the first three episodes.

Francesca Rinaldo (21:12.512)

Nicole (21:15.01)
I didn’t even want to say host at all. I think you can cut that Fran. That was just a word vomit.

Francesca Rinaldo (21:15.072)
We’d add someone.

Peaceful JAM (21:17.272)

Francesca Rinaldo (21:23.296)
The only thing I’m sad for this recording, we’re not gonna have our mouth warm up exercises in it.

Nicole (21:30.382)
That’s okay. I think that that is a okay. So hard.

Peaceful JAM (21:34.297)
You’re gonna do some headaches. Some bloopers.

Francesca Rinaldo (21:36.544)
New York.

Nicole (21:40.078)
Let’s spare Bo. We don’t want Bo to quit on us. But yeah, is there anything else we should say in terms of like wrapping up and saying au revoir? Is there anything else we need to cover? I think we pretty much.

Bo-Peter @ Peaceful Media (21:44.083)
Why me?

Peaceful JAM (21:45.624)
So true. So true.

Francesca Rinaldo (21:56.672)
I think it’s nice to just have all of us either like a succinct bye, like either all of us being like bye or like you being like, thanks guys, catch you later. Cause that’s just something we didn’t do. I don’t know, it’s just a little bit awkward if you don’t have like a succinct bye at the end or if there’s not like a silly like we’re like, ha ha ha. Like the, you know what I mean? Like catch you some sketchy eyes later. It’s like so jam.

Nicole (22:18.958)

Nicole (22:22.574)
but just ends. All right, well, let’s just say.

Francesca Rinaldo (22:26.304)
dinner at your house Sunday or something, you know? And then we’re all like, well not that, but like, we’ll meet in the pumpkin patch, you know? Okay.

Nicole (22:35.054)
We can just say bye, I think.

Peaceful JAM (22:36.408)
What? I’m so confused right now.

Bo-Peter @ Peaceful Media (22:36.575)
We can say bye.

Nicole (22:39.79)
All right, thank you. Thank you guys so much for hopping on today and for sharing a little bit about what we’re doing here and what is coming up, what we have to look forward to. So appreciate all of your time and looking forward to our next episode. Bye guys.

Francesca Rinaldo (22:42.172)
Thank you.

Peaceful JAM (22:58.264)
Bye bye.

Francesca Rinaldo (22:58.336)
Thanks. Bye.

Bo-Peter @ Peaceful Media (22:58.591)
Bye, thanks for being here.

Nicole (23:00.142)

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