Project Overview

Peaceful Media relaunches for Sarah Mitchell


Sarah Mitchell


Transition Sarah Mitchell's local business website off of a "Cheer Business Marketing Template platform" (which got unexpectedly and very suddenly yanked from the web by its providers -- BOO!) and move to a beautiful new site she now owns and manages herself on Squarespace & MailChimp.

Project Detail

If we could clone Sarah Mitchell as a client, we would do it in a heartbeat. Talk about the world’s most grateful, kind, and committed business owner.

CheerXperience itself is a beautiful expression of her creativity, mindset, and character. Unlike most cookie-cutter “learn how to tumble, learn how to cheer” gyms and studios, Sarah takes the time to educate her students how to be great citizens and successful human beings.

As we all sat down to discuss her gym’s distinction in the crowded local marketplace, we discovered that teaching character first is indeed her most impactful differentiation. A kiddo’s quality of character and commitment to virtues such as patience, respect, compassion, kindness, determination, and perseverance is proportionate to the quality of his or her back handspring.

Sarah had seen our work for Brendon Burchard and Jeff Walker, which she loved. After studying Brendon’s marketing methodology extensively, she came to us to launch one of our famous Thought Leader platforms. Which we started to build, but realized quickly that speed of implementation was going to be hampered greatly by business cashflow. That’s just a reality sometimes. You have big ideas, but your balance sheet says: “please slow down, homie.”

When we’re faced with constraints, we can cry about it or we can get to work finding alternative solutions. We of course chose the latter and decided to pivot to a modified Thought Leader platform, built on the Squarespace platform and using our amazingly simple “Launch 31” blueprint (launch your expert website in 31 days).

Since we were involved from the strategy stages all the way through the implementation and training stages, we were able to add some nice bells and whistles. Such as:

  1. Lead Generation Development  Helping Sarah hone in on the “freebie” she’d offer to give parents (her primary audience) an opportunity to experience the CheerXperience difference.
  2. Integrating Squarespace with MailChimp  Sarah is not shy about DIY technology, so she did the majority of the work here. We just shined a light on the path and she got ‘er done!
  3. Google Forms / Squarespace “Integration”  Sarah’s Athlete Evaluation is brilliant in its simplicity. Who doesn’t want to figure out where they or their children land on the spectrum of athleticism? This is a great way to place an athlete in the appropriate training paths, and it’s the perfect front door for her marketing systems. Challenge: Google Apps do integrate with Squarespace, but Google Forms don’t play nicely right out of the box. So we wrote a bit of CSS to get the forms to look right in mobile/desktop views.
  4. Paint By Numbers Instruction  We love when our clients take action and learn their own tech. It’s not that we don’t do long-term support — we love being a part of clients’ marketing teams — but for a small business to thrive it’s important to us that the owners can do most if not all of the day-to-day, week-to-week operations in their online marketing machines. Sarah said “heck yes” to this from day zero, which made it so easy for us to train and disappear and come back two weeks later to see everything done.

Amazing client. Amazingly efficient, inexpensive, and beautiful project led by our wonderfully talented Director of Culture, Nicki Guyton. Well done team!

Time To Freshen Up Your Brand’s Website?

As mentioned above, we have created an online course that walks you through the entire process of designing, building, and launching your own business website on Squarespace + MailChimp (for email marketing). It’s for people like Sarah: professionals who want to truly own their digital marketing.

You can get on the priority registration list for Launch 31 here.

Client Feedback

I absolutely LOVE my website. I appreciate your dedication & time spent on this special project. I just love you guys!

Sarah Mitchell - CheerXperience website design Peaceful Media