Project Overview

Euphemeral Designs brand identity design


Euphemeral Designs


Identity design for a high-end shopping & retail boutique.

Project Detail

Since implementing the custom identity design & branding work, Euphemeral no longer gets the “why is this so expensive” question from customers. The branding removed doubt about the product quality.

Rae Senarighi

Research states that businesses that incorporate design into their strategic fabric and decision making will experience a 4x in revenue. Conversely, companies that do not invest in design will see business fall by 2x.

The point? Design matters to your bottom line.

Great branding removes or reduces buyers’ psychological friction. Why? Because buying decisions are not made from the rational part of our brains. (Hence, credit card debt.) Rather, we are mostly buying from an emotional impulse.

Branding communicates to that part of our brains and, if done correctly, a little bit of design work can do all the value propositioning you need without uttering a single line of sales pitch.

Rae’s brilliant, handcrafted typography, custom thank you cards and hang tags help the products and flow of gratitude come to life. Return on investment was almost immediate and one more local small business is thriving. Now that’s doing more good!