Two Ways You Can Get To The Top

Option 1:

Bah, planning’s for the birds. Just start walking in the general direction of some peak over there on the horizon. See what happens?

Option 2:

Prepare, plan, and execute from a clear, strategic playbook.

Our Sales & Marketing Playbook package is designed for positive, dedicated people who’d prefer to climb mountains with a sherpa, someone who has the experience and expertise to get to the top quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. No run-ins with yetis nor nights w/o a sleeping bag and a hot meal.

What Will It Cost Me?

Peaceful Media - online marketing strategy planning

Just like any major journey…

You have to do your homework and plot your way around critters, obstacles, and bottomless pits.

So, your Time is required.

Our strategists will collectively do over 30 hours of research before presenting your finalized Playbook. But we expect you to bring your time and good mojo to the table, too.

FocusAmazing what we can accomplish when our minds are clear of “what about this other route” options.

We’re not creating a Playbook for the 1,001 ways you can create a profitable business online. We select one product, maybe an upsell/downsell, and create one sophisticated marketing funnel to sell that product.

Maybe most of all: Intention. 

Our advice: Get super clear about the life and lifestyle you desire first. Only sign up for this consulting package if you are 90-100% emotionally, spiritually, financially ready to hustle to the top.

Yep, of course there’s a financial piece: Money. 

We’ll cover that if we’re a good fit to work together. Before getting into that, let’s discuss…

Don't underestimate the power of intention

What Do I Get?

Online Marketing Strategy & Direction

Your Sales & Marketing Playbook Includes…

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Brand & Positioning Assessment

Brand & Positioning Assessment, Yes!

Get a nice bottle of red or fresh squeezed IPA, because this initial step of your journey will take some time on your part. By taking the time to complete our extensive “BPA”, you help us understand who you are, what value you bring to the market, how you’re different. The payoff? We'll get a sense for why people should know, like, and trust you.

5 Consulting Sessions

5 Consulting Sessions

This is where the magic happens. Our strategy team members meet with you on a weekly basis to dive deeply into your values, goals, and existing assets. We present research, mastermind ideas, and collaborate with you to design the sales & marketing funnel that perfectly jives with your lifestyle and ambitions.

Sales Funnel Flowchart

Sales Funnel Flowchart

We take the guesswork out of your marketing campaign setup by defining each marketing asset, each touch point in the funnel, primary lead sources, conversion goals, trip wires and lead magnets. We assemble all of this information in a detailed ``Gliffy`` flowchart so that execution is as simple as following the linear path.

SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

Data drives marketing excellence. Without good data (about your competitors, your keywords, your search engine opportunities and black holes), you're likely throwing a bunch of content out there, hoping and praying it attracts traffic/sales, and basically waste a bunch of time, dollars, and energy. Get it right with our research & reports!

Adwords & Retargeting Setup

Adwords & Retargeting Setup

It's true, not all traffic is free. We will create a Google Adwords account and an Adroll retargeting account for you. You can immediately jump to the top of the first page of a particular Google search by bidding on certain keywords. Retargeting ROI is typically very high; anyone visiting your site for a 2nd time is more likely to convert.

Product Refinement

Product Packaging

Folks usually have a high-level idea of what they want to sell online, but aren't entirely sure about how to package it, price it, and position it. We've designed/refined packaging on everything from a $6 jar of supplements to $60,000 masterminds. We determine which assets you'll need to assemble to create ``no-brainer`` value in your market.

Content Creation Schedule

Content Creation Scheduler

Ok, so you know you need to be writing or recording a new piece of content every week in order to drive traffic and engage your audience. But what should you talk or write about? How do you know those topics will get clicks? We'll show you exactly how to use certain keywords in 12 post titles so you can meet the web traffic where it already exists!

Socially Optimized Marketing Architecture

Socially Optimized Marketing Architecture

Wouldn't it be nice if someone just told you exactly what to do on each of your social media platforms? Yep, we got your back. Your personalized ``SOMA`` document takes you and/or your social media manager step-by-step through the day-to-day processes for promoting your offers on each of your brand-appropriate, chosen social networks.

Recommended Tools

Recommended Tools

Online marketing tools are never ``one size fits all`` and it drives us nuts when folks tell us they're going to get some piece of software because ``so and so marketing guru uses it.`` Use tools appropriate to what YOU are doing. Once we have all of the campaign details in full view, we recommend specific tools for YOUR business and budget.

Account Manager

Account Manager

You're going to have a lot flying at you throughout the Playbook's development. Homework, tasks, notes, comments, files, call recordings, schedules -- don't worry, you have a dedicated Peaceful team member watching every move, participating in every call, and driving the project to completion... and keeping you as sane as possible.

Detailed Scope

Detailed Scope

We realize that strategy without execution is only worth the paper its printed on...and all of our work is digital, so where does that leave us? Seriously though, we want you to put the Playbook into action immediately. If you want our help, we provide a full scope of work for Playbook execution. If not, you can shop it around or even do it yourself!

Playbook Presentation

Playbook Presentation

Our sixth and final call is not so much a consultation as it is a conversation about what we've learned and where we can go from there. Your dedicated lead strategist presents your final, custom Playbook in a 50+ slide presentation. We discuss several high-level discoveries, but mostly we use this time to define priorities, phases, roles, and execution plan.

I have found working with Peaceful Media to be a breath of fresh air. They are responsive, thoughtful of timelines and budget and very great at communicating clearly. I also find their rates reasonable, based on the speed at which they are able to solve programming issues for us.

How Do I Get Started?

Online marketing & business strategy with Peaceful Media

Besides your time, focus, and intention…

Yes, there is a financial investment for our services. Currently, our Sales & Marketing Playbook package is $5,000.* First come, first served.