Shed Dead Skin, See Your Nature, Shine Your Light

Nature Retreat with JAM @ Peaceful Media

It’s Hard to Do More Good In the World If You Don’t Feel 100% Clear

Feeling energetically drained, depleted, or demoralized? Wondering why it’s taking so long for your great ideas to see the light of day?

I created The In Our Nature (ION) Experience because I want to see more light in the world, and you — yes, you — have a massively powerful ability to help people experience more love, prosperity, and good. You know at your core you’re a change agent and conscious leader, but perhaps you feel as if you’re playing this whole game at the vibrational level of 7, 5… maybe even a 3.

I’m here to guide you into your flow state by way of the transformative forces of nature, communion, and sacred rituals. Connect. Heal. Tap in. Transcend. Let’s create something way more magical than you’d realized was even possible for your brand, your income, your family, your life.

Experience the 7 Benefits of Aligning Mind, Body, and Spirit Into Your Brand Strategy

Through private & group mastermind sessions + two ION retreats per year, you’ll witness the following benefits in your life:

  1. FLOW :: Exponentially increase your productivity when you have mega clarity & alignment within.
  2. PEACE OF MIND :: Release negative thoughts that are dampening your talents & capabilities.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY :: Fears & insecurities left alone in your head are the slippery slope to impotence. Rid yourself & achieve greatness.
  4. COMMUNION :: Get in touch with who you really are & what you really want when you deeply connect with Nature & Self.
  5. CLARITY :: Sometimes your best ideas are one insight away from taking flight & becoming the blockbuster product, service, or strategy in your business.
  6. RETREAT :: When we remove ourselves from daily routines, we open ourselves up to transformative ideas, experiences, and epiphanies.
  7. LIFESTYLE :: Lift any paradigm that suggests you have to trade time for dollars, family for success — this is not your Truth speaking.

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One-on-One Coaching Sessions : The ION Experience

Private Clarity Sessions w/ JAM

Connect directly with JAM to elevate your brand & lifestyle strategy.

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One-on-one, 50-min monthly coaching sessions held on Zoom. Use this time with JAM to clear obstacles, get clarity, and get back into flow so that you attract more opportunities!

Group Mastermind Sessions : The ION Experience

Monthly Mastermind Session

Expand your business & neural connections by twelve fold.

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2-hour monthly mastermind sessions held on Zoom. Use this time with JAM & your soulful business partners to see what's possible in your life and brand.

In Our Nature Retreats : The ION Experience

Solstice Nature Retreats

Coming together in soul-inspiring locales to do our inner work.

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Just as the sun stands still to reflect on its path, so shall we. Our most transformative experience is in nature, held twice per year for all 12 mastermind members.

Emerald Level - The ION Experience with JAM @ Peaceful

Let’s Go Even Deeper

Emerald Members receive everything included in ION Gold, plus email support & one private half-day experience with JAM at the front-end or back-end of our bi-annual ION mastermind retreats.