Free DIY Website Workshop Series: 3 Simpler Ways to Create a Better Marketing Website & Elevate Your Brand

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Who Will Benefit Most

  • You want to be and look more savvy with online marketing and DIY website design
  • You don’t have a website for your business (or the one you have doesn’t represent you)
  • You have a website, but it doesn’t do enough for you (like get leads, subscribers, and followers)
  • You’ve learned about online marketing strategies, but haven’t found the best way to implement it all
  • You’re looking for a “C-School” to Marie Forleo’s B-School 🙂 — this is a “how” series with a light sprinkling of “why”
  • You want help thinking through the words, the design, and the layout of your marketing website
  • You like to dance — cause I like to dance while I teach!

Topics We’ll Cover

Peaceful Media - Marketing


The 5 Key Components of an Expert Website & Marketing System

Peaceful Media COO Package


The Easiest Way I’ve Found to Write & Design an Attractive “Lead Generation Magnet”

Peaceful Media Squarespace Package


The 7 R’s: Key Components of a Thoughtful “Thought Leader” Website’s Homepage

Cost: $0

Yep! Registration for this DIY Website Workshop is totally free. We’re doing this for the people who can’t budget our high-end web design and marketing services right now.

10/15/16 UPDATE: We’ve completed the LIVE sessions, but had a glitch on Session #3. You’ll receive the replays as soon as we can reshoot #3!

DIY Workshop