Jason Miller Peaceful Media

Jason Miller

Founder, Chief of Optimism

My role is to create an environment where creative passions are pursued. I’m passionate about collaboration, innovation, and care for the planet. I see Peaceful Media’s collective energy being the fulcrum for people who need to share their rich, positive messages, and I’m deeply interested in designing a thrilling, safe place to dream & play big.

The first website I ever built was for a book & documentary film called Project Everlasting, which attracted massive media interest and features on the Today Show, Oprah radio, Good Morning America, CNN, and many more. My biggest lesson in this first foray into online marketing: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” We learned (by failing) the importance of optimizing a website for lead generation and ongoing engagement. And yet I was totally hooked on the inherent possibility of the web: our difference-making messages can reach millions in the matter of seconds…it can reach that one person across the globe who really needs to be lifted up.

The possibilities are limitless in this universe. All we need are more positive messengers who are willing to say ‘yes’ to the call.

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