Ellen Schweikert, copywriter with Peaceful Media

Ellen Schweikert


  • Email Copywriting
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Printmaking
  • Website Copywriting

Ellen Schweikert crafts compelling and engaging web copy for our clients. She also strategically creates campaigns to help grow attendance for client events through effective email marketing.

Ellen works with marketing agencies across the United States. Prior to her career as a Copywriter, Ellen built her first business as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager. With experience in all aspects of marketing, she has developed a keen sense for how to maximize the potential of written copy and content across all channels.

Ellen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art with an emphasis in Printmaking from Southern Oregon University. Before that, she attended Portland State University Honors College. Her interests include podcasts, audiobooks, photography, road trips, hot springs and quality time with her friends. Her dog Grace accompanies her to work – and everywhere else she goes!

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