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Chris Chong

Growth Hacker, Full-Stack Marketer

  • Funnel Fixer
  • Professional Persuader
  • Direct Response Copywriter
  • e-Learning Startup Entrepreneur

Chris helps Peaceful Media’s B2B clients develop persuasive offers and profitable ad campaigns.

He started his entrepreneurial career at age 16. At that time Email Marketing, Paid Search, and Display Advertising were considered “new media.” Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram did not yet exist.

“The year was 2001 and I knew the internet was going to be a big deal, but nobody really knew how to grow a business online. I was young, naive, and determined to figure it out.

So, I hit the street in search of business owners with a similar view. Within five years I had helped 100 entrepreneurs grow their business online… by studying “old-school” direct response marketing principles and applying them as the internet evolved.”

Over a 20-year period Chris’ obsession with direct response marketing, personal development, and entrepreneurship transformed him into a business growth unicorn.

He began working on progressively larger ventures. One client said, “Here’s $250K… spend it on PPC and let’s see what you can do.” Chris increased sales by three million dollars. This was for a company that sold vacation packages and during the 2008 recession.

Chris’ greatest business achievement was growing an E-Learning company from $2M to $10M in under three years, then selling for $30M in 2016.

“I really enjoy working with Peaceful Media,” says Chris. “The team and the clients are amazing. I’ve learned life-changing philosophies from every client I’ve worked with. That’s hard to find in the corporate world. Passion alone is not enough. The key is passion with a purpose.”

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